Are You Ready To Meet Your Inner Poet?

3 Lines 30 Days | Unleash Your Inner Poet

a poetry collection … with a creative twist

Because each of us has a poet inside.

It is more than that whisper-soft voice we hear when we get still enough.

When we slow down to really listen.

When we turn down the external noise and walk away from endless distractions.

Your poetic voice is there, too. Underneath it all. Waiting for you to recognize and acknowledge it. To allow it to come alive.

‘3 Lines 30 Days’ opens up a secret doorway to that place where you come face to face with your poetic voice.

Be delighted and surprised by what begins to bloom!

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Take the 30 Day Challenge!

Ready to meet your inner poet?



Digital (PDF) autographed copy of the original poem ‘Juicy Conscious Woman’

Receive this one-of-a-kind copy of my original poem ‘Juicy Conscious Woman”, personally autographed with love by yours truly.


Digital (PDF) of the ‘3 Lines 30 Days Poetry Challenge Guidebook + Journal’

Take the 30-day poetry challenge yourself using this handcrafted and beautiful guidebook and journal.


50% Off Coupon — ‘3 Lines 30 Days Poetry Challenge’ Online Mini-Course {launching Fall 2018}

Receive this exclusive discount coupon to gain access to my first online course where I personally guide participants through a 30-day poetry challenge. Discovering your inner poet is even more fun when done inside of a community. Use the coupon yourself or gift it to child, parent, friend or colleague.


Digital (PDF) of an original short story titled ‘Love, Poetry & The Waterfall Bridge’

A story of being in love for the first time and discovering my own poetic voice.

3 lines. 30 days. your inner poet is waiting …

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Available in Paperback, Hardcover + Kindle

Take the 30 Day Challenge!

Ready to meet your inner poet?

Because Everyone Has a Poet Inside of Them … Even You.

Everyone has a poet inside of them.

A voice looking for expression. For release. For relief.

A deep longing to reveal a piece of ourselves. To be vulnerable. To open ourselves to the unveiling. To the awakening of our true selves.

Through words on a page. In a pretty journal with a pretty pen, if you like.

Or scribbled on the back of a napkin. Or the back of a hand. Or splashed onto the digital landscape.

Each and every one. Each and every heart. Yes, yours too. You, the one saying to yourself ‘I’m not really a poet’.

3 lines. 30 days. Anything can happen. And it probably will.

Be delighted. Be surprised. Be broken open.

Go ahead … Unleash your inner poet.

Praise for 3 Lines 30 Days | Unleash Your Inner Poet …

Judy O'Beirn, International Bestselling Author of Unwavering Strength

What a truly unique collection of poems! Each time I read the 3 lines of a poem, I was immediately drawn in and oftentimes found myself wanting more. It was like each poem had its own story, its own little mystery wrapped inside of it just waiting for the reader to experience and reveal it. Such a delightful book!

peggy mccoll, new york times bestselling author

Michele Marie Neyers’ collection of poems takes the reader on an emotional journey through her compellingly deep and thought provoking expressions. Even if the reader has no intention of writing his or her own poems, this book is interesting and inspiring from a pure creativity mindset. We read, we imitate, and from this process we find our own voice and style. This is clearly a lady who has poured her heart out over what I assume must have been emotions and events she has experienced first-hand and shared in order to help us write our own story through poetry. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys poetry!

colleen aynn, international bestselling author of the feeling friends series

Michele takes the reader ‘behind the scenes’ and into the creative mind of a poet. I loved reading what brought the poems about in the first place. We all have an inner poet and Michele shows us how she taps in so we can do it too. Bravo!

3 lines. 30 days. your inner poet is waiting …

Buy Now on Amazon!

Available in Paperback, Hardcover + Kindle

Take the 30 Day Challenge!

Ready to meet your inner poet?

about the author

Michele Marie Neyers was raised amongst the cornfields and the land of 10,000 lakes in her home state of Minnesota and the windswept prairie lands of her adopted state of South Dakota. She graduated from South Dakota State University with degrees in mechanical engineering and engineering physics. After spending 20+ years pursuing a successful career in education technology, she made a decision to shift her focus and energy towards her creative passions. She simply has a passion for creating beautiful things that are useful and useful things that are beautiful. Poetry and writing are that medium. Michele is the creator of Juicy Conscious Living and 1 Beautiful Thing – additional writings, online teachings and programs she is bringing to a worldwide community to support women of all ages to tune in to their inner wisdom and be the pioneers and designers of the lives they were always meant to lead. Michele (along with her cat, Sophie) lives, works, kayaks, and writes near Annapolis, Maryland in a dream house she designed and built with breathtaking views of the water. Connect with her online at www.micheleneyers.com and write to her at michele@micheleneyers.com.

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